Coffee Lovers and beyond, we have just the butter for you!  This whipped coffee butter cream can be used on your body or for your face.  It contains caffeine, which plumps the blood vessels under your skin, helping to disguise fine lines.  But what is even better than this is that it is extremely moisturizing to your skin!  Customers who have tried our whipped coffee butter get addicted and keep coming back for more, giving us feedback that they have never had a better moisturizer.  


In addition to coffee butter it also contains vitamin E oil which is healing to your skin and rice bran oil, which has for centuries been known as a miracle oil itself for healthy skin care.


This coffee butter is made without preservatives and is derived from a combination of oils.  Therefore, it can melt in the heat.  One jar of coffee butter lasts quite a long while, since a little goes a long way.  Therefore, we recommend refrigeration.  Should it melt for any reason it will solidify again. The texture after this will be denser, but the properties of the coffee butter will remain exactly the same. 


8 oz jar

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